How to configure exacqVision Server 3.2 with OnGuard 5.12.110

How to configure exacqVision Server 3.2 with OnGuard 5.12.110

Procedure Steps

Follow these steps carefully to configure exacqVision Server 3.2 with OnGuard:

1) Install the 5.12.110 Accessory Add-On for exacqVision Support 1.0.1 on the OnGuard workstation. (The file name is Accessory Add-On for ExacqVision Server DVR.msi.)

2) Start System Administration.

3) Add the ExacqVision Server recorder type to the Video Recorder Type drop-down. (From the Video menu, select Digital Video. On the Video Recorder tab, click [Add] and then configure the recorder.)

4) Add the DVR credentials for the LDVR (user name and password) in the Digital Video folder.

5) Verify that the camera names (on the Camera tab in the Digital Video folder) exactly match the camera names configured on the exacqVision recorder. If they are not the same, there will be no communication between OnGuard and the camera channel.

6) Perform a download to the recorder.

7) If Alarm Monitoring is open, close it and then re-open it after configuration is complete.

Applies To

OnGuard 2006 Technology Update (5.12.110)

Additional Information

ExacqVision Server DVR Configuration
An ExacqVision Server DVR was used running software, 3.2.
Motion Detection and Video Signal Loss must be enabled on the ExacqVision Server.

Third-party Limitations
The ExacqVision Server DVR does not support the following OnGuard functionality:
- Camera Wizard
- DVR Type Detection
- VideoViewer (Browser-based Client)
- Area Access Manager
- IP Video Verification
- Export Video

Known Issues
Live video cannot be paused.

If the network connection to the recorder is lost, there is no status update of the recorder. The recorder will continue to show as if it is online, both in Alarm Monitoring and in the Communication Server.

The following combination can cause the central processing unit (CPU) on the OnGuard server to become pegged:
1) Video preview of the Exacq camera channel is open in System Administration.
2) Live video is open on the same channel in Alarm Monitoring.
3) Video is scaled up to 200%.