How does ''Send Alarm If Unable To Keep'' work for Video Servers?


Why don't I receive an alarm from LNVR telling me that it cannot keep the configured number of days of video because I have configured it with a number that exceeds the Total Recorder Capacity displayed on the video recorder's Capacity tab in System Administration?


Alarm Configuration:
System Administration > Video Recorder tab > Select LNVR video recorder from the list > Capacity tab:
The user can update the current LNVR's capacity data to see approximately how many days of video can be stored on the LNVR. The user can also configure an alarm to warn if LNVR storage is unable to keep the user-configured number of days.

If the user configures an alarm, for the first 12 hours the selected LNVR monitors its average recording rate. Due to the different recording modes the LNVR provides (such as low frame rate time-lapse mode, normal recording mode, or high event recording mode), its recording rate might vary.
The LNVR collects the data and then provides an accurate estimate of how many days of video it can store at the current average recording rate. If  after 12 hours the system detects that the LNVR will not be able to keep the user-specified number of days of video, an alarm is sent to Alarm Monitoring. Once this calculation has been done initially, the calculation is then repeated once per hour.

Applies To

OnGuard (All Versions)

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