How to resolve ''Software Connection Error'' in Alarm Monitoring with an NEC ExpressCluster server

How to resolve the "Software Connection Error" in Alarm Monitoring with an NEC ExpressCluster server

Procedure Steps

Before performing this procedure, refer to article  (How to resolve "Software Connection Error" in Alarm Monitoring) for troubleshooting steps that apply to all types of systems. If this does not resolve the issue, continue with the steps that follow.

Important: Modifying the registry may cause irreversible damage to your Windows operating system; be sure to back up the registry before making any changes. Follow the instructions located at:

1) Start the Communication Server as an application. In the lower-right corner of the window status bar, the host name of the computer should be displayed. If "Local Machine" is displayed instead, proceed to step 2.

2) Launch the Registry Editor:
- Click the Start button, and then select Run.
- Type regedit in the dialog, and then click [OK].

3) After the Registry Editor opens, locate the following key:

4) Right-click on the key named NtsCluGroupRef, and then click [Modify].

5) Change the value from "Local Machine" to the correct Virtual name, and then click [OK].

6) Close the Communication Server application, and then open it again.

7) Verify that the correct host name is displayed in the lower-right corner of the status bar.

The affected access panels should now be online. If they are not, contact Technical Support for further support.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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