How to Override Elevator Control ?

How to Override Elevator Control?

Procedure Steps

When using elevator control, it may be necessary to override some floors, either temporally or at certain times of the day.

In system administration/access levels, select the elevator control tab and create a custom elevator control using the following method:

Click on add and type a name in the field provided

Then choose the output (and the floor it controls) that are required to be overridden

Select a time zone for the override period or ‘always’ if a continuous override is required

Assign the selection and repeat for each floor that requires an override

When complete click OK


Next, in the reader configuration, select the reader being used to control the elevator

Click on the ‘Control Settings’ tab and select modify

In the ‘Elevator Control Settings’ section, use the ‘Custom Day mode settings’  drop down to select the  custom elevator control previously created.

Then click OK


A database download to the panel may be required if the modification is during the selected time zone.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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