How to Set Up Dynamic Elevator Control

How to set up dynamic elevator control

Procedure Steps

1) Create individual elevator control levels, each including only one floor at a time. Assign the Always timezone to these elevator control levels.

2) Once each elevator control level has been created, create access levels that correspond to each floor, and include one elevator control level in each access level.

For example, if you created an elevator control level named "Floor 1 Temporary Access", you would then create an access level for the elevator reader(s) that uses "Floor 1 Temporary Access", and name it "Floor 1 Access Level".

3) These access levels can then be assigned to a badge as needed, to allow access to the floor for an allotted time. The access levels should be assigned with a deactivation date so that they are not left enabled. The time limitation is handled by choosing the access level and then selecting the Activate Dates... button.

For added protection from changes, a segmented system can be used. If the system is segmented, a separate segment can be created for the users that are assigning the access levels.

Once the access levels have been created, they can be assigned by users in additional segments. Follow the steps below to do this:

1) Verify that the option for Allow access levels to be configured as assignable by users in other segments is selected in System Administration, in the Segments screen, under Administration > Segments...

2) Under Access Control > Access Levels..., select the Access Level Additional Segments tab.

3) Select an access level, then select Modify.

4) Select the segment created for the users assigning the levels from the menu on the right.

5) Select OK to save the assignment.

Users in the segment selected will now see the access level from the other segment.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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