How to collect an LNL-4420 crash dump

How to collect an LNL-4420 crash dump

If problems occur when rebooting LNL-4420 panels or there are other instability issues with these panels, and you escalate the issue to Mercury, they may ask for a crash dump. This article addresses how to enable and gather a crash dump log for review by Mercury.

Procedure Steps

  1. Format an sdram card for FAT16 or FAT32 file systems.  
  2. Place the formatted sdram card into the sdram slot located on the panel.
  3. Log into the panel’s webpage. 
  4. On the Diagnostics page, select the Enable Dump Files check box. 
  5. Click [Submit], then [OK].
  6. On the Apply Settings page, click the [Apply Settings, Reboot] button.
  7. The panel will now reboot with the new setting active.
Once the crash dump is generated, it will be named similar to:
  1. Log back into the panel's webpage.
  2. On the Diagnostic page, download the encrypted file, and then submit it for the engineering review.

Afterward, to reverse the changes made:
  1. Deselect Enable Dump Files.
  2. Delete the existing dump file.
  3. Submit the changes.
  4. Apply settings to Reboot the panel.

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Additional Information

A crash dump file will only be created after there is a software crash.  No other action will create a crash dump.