How to bring a newly added camera online in OnGuard


What steps should I take when bringing a newly configured camera online in OnGuard?


Note: This is a basic check list to ensure you match the fundamental conditions required when bringing a camera online in OnGuard
  1. Confirm that the camera type is supported by OnGuard.
  2. Confirm that the camera is programmed as the proper camera type in System Administration.
  3. Confirm that the firmware version on the recorder match the supported version according to the OnGuard compatibility chart.
  4. Confirm that the user name and password in the System Administration configuration of the camera are correct. Retype it to make sure.
  5. Confirm that the password for the camera does not have any special characters in it.  If it does, remove them and re-add the password to System Administration.
  6. Confirm that you can ping the camera IP from the recorder.
  7. Confirm that you can view the camera webpage from the recorder.
  8. Confirm that you have updated the capabilities.
  9. Confirm that you have successfully downloaded the recorder. A download is considered successful if, as you watch its progress in Alarm Monitoring, you see “Panel Download Started” and a “Panel Download Complete.” In between these events you might also see “Communications Loss” followed by “Communication Restored” as part of normal function. Note that the following alarms indicate a problem occurred during the download:
    1.    Communication Access is Denied – go back to step 4 and try again.
    2.    Driver Error in Panel Download
  10. If the camera does not come online, try a different codec (for example, if using H.264, does the camera come online in MJPEG?).
  11. If camera is still offline, contact the Technical Support Group.