Bosch camera not coming online when 'service' user account not configured


A Bosch camera has been added in System Administration, but the camera will not come online. The camera has been added without a valid user name and password.

The LNVR to which the camera is attached will create "Add Channel" XML files in the following location:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lenel\LNVSuite\logs\

Each XML file will contain the following line:

The XML file is generated when a download is performed on the LNVR while the camera is configured without a valid user name and password. Additionally, there will be a "Driver Error in Panel Download" alarm in Alarm Monitoring as a result of this download.


Bosch IP cameras do not require a user name and password to access the camera Web page. However, for proper operation OnGuard requires a user name and password to be entered into the Web page, and then entered into System Administration.

The internal account used to configure Bosch IP cameras is service.

To resolve this issue:

1) Enter a valid password for the service account in the Web configuration page for the Bosch IP camera.

2) Enter the service user name and the password supplied in step 1 into System Administration for the Bosch IP camera.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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