How to add a dependency to an LS service

How to add a dependency to an LS service

Procedure Steps

Important: Modifying the registry could cause irreversible damage to your Windows operating system; be sure to back up the registry before making any changes. Locate instructions at:

In order to force certain services to start before others, complete the following steps.
Note: This should only be done if there is an issue with a service starting too soon. For example, if the LS Communication Server starts before the LS Login Driver service, the LS Communication Server will not be able to communicate with the database. This example is often found to be an issue when it is necessary to restart the LS Communication Server service each time the computer is restarted.

1) Click the Start button, then select Run and type regedit.

2) Locate the following key:

3) Select LS Login Driver (example).

4) Double-click DisplayName.

5) Copy the contents of the Value data field and then click [Cancel].

6) Select LS Communication Server (example).

7) Double-click DependOnService.

8) Paste the data at the end of the list.

9) Click [OK] and restart the computer.

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OnGuard (All versions)

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