Invalid Card Format when entering PIN on LPKP-6840 or KP-6840 reader


You have either a LenelProx LPKP-6840 reader, or an AWID KP-6840 reader, that is programmed to output a 26-bit sequence. A card presented to the reader will read properly. However a PIN code produces an Invalid Card Format error in Alarm Monitoring, regardless of which reader interface module the reader is attached to (LNL-1300, LNL-1320, LNL-2210, LNL-2220).


OnGuard accepts only 4- or 8-bit outputs. The reader must be re-flashed to produce an 8-bit output:
  1. At the reader, press and hold the <8> key. Keep this key pressed until instructed to release it below.
  2. Power cycle the reader.  
  3. Upon power up, the reader will re-flash itself. The LED will flash amber and red, and the reader will beep for 5 to 15 seconds.  
  4. When the activity on the reader subsides, release the <8> key. The keypad is now set for an 8-bit output.
  5. Attach the reader to the reader interface.
  6. On the General tab of the Readers and Doors form, configure the reader keypad as Eight Bit Output Keypads.
  7. Verify both the card and the PIN entry modes. If the first attempt with the PIN mode is not successful, try entering a “#” after the PIN.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)
LenelProx LPKP-6840 reader
AWID KP-6840 reader 

Additional Information