Execution of scheduled report task crashes the Linkage Server


When attempting to execute a scheduled report from Scheduler, either on the scheduled date and time or manually, the report might not generate, and Linkage Server might crash.

Viewing the history of the scheduled action might show that the action failed, with no additional error or message.

Additionally, the following error might be logged in the LenelError.log file on the computer running Linkage Server:

"12/7/2010 5:08:06 PM [Linkage Server] Invalid Login"


To correct this issue, ensure that the scheduled report action is created in System Administration while logged in as an OnGuard user with an internal account.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

Most scheduled actions run under the SA account, regardless of the user that configured the scheduled action. Scheduled Report actions run under the OnGuard user account that scheduled the action. This is due to segmentation rules and report filtering.

Because scheduled actions run on Linkage Server, when the action runs and logs in the OnGuard user, Single Sign-On is not attempted because Linkage Server could be running on any machine, and the account under which Linkage Server is running might not be the same account that created the scheduled action.

Therefore, the OnGuard user that configures the scheduled report action must have an internal account, or the action will not run.