Error accessing Visitor Management Host on NEC ExpressCluster: ''Security error accessing url''


You may receive a "Security error accessing url" error accessing the Visitor Management Host browser-based application when the Application Server is located on an NEC ExpressCluster.


To resolve this problem, you must configure the system for multiple Web sites in Internet Information Services (IIS). For the active server to be able to browse multiple Web sites, configure the host header value via IIS.

On Windows Server 2003:

1) Right-click My Computer, and then select Manage.

2) In the Computer Management tree, expand Services and Applications > Internet Information Services > Web Sites > Default Web Site.

3) Right-click on Default Web Site, and then select Properties.

4) On the Web Site tab in the Web Site Identification section, click [Advanced].

5) In the Multiple identities for this Web Site listing window, select Default, then click [Edit].

6) Enter the fully qualified computer name in the Host Header Name field and click [OK].

7) Restart IIS.

For more information about how to configure multiple Web sites in IIS, refer to the following Microsoft knowledge base article:

Applies To

OnGuard 2008 Plus (6.1.222) or later
NEC ExpressCluster
Windows Server 2003

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