DataExchange cannot connect to the database server

DataExchange cannot connect to the database server


After changing ODBC information, database import DataExchange scripts will often fail with error messages, which prevents the use of DataExchange scripts that use a database connection. Sample error messages include:

"Database Error encountered: Login failed for user ‘domain\username'."
 "Update Last Changed Date for UDFEMP: Unable to open source. Execution terminated."


  1. Log into FormsDesigner.
  2. From the Open menu, select DataExchange.
  3. Open the script that is not working.
  4. Select Data Definitions then choose Change Connection.
  5. Select the tab for “Machine Data Source” and then select the DSN for your connection. 
  6. Re-authenticate your database username and password and then select OK.
  7. Save and then execute the DataExchange script to apply the settings.

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