Driver Error in Panel Download after reinstall of Lenel NVR Firmware


After reinstalling a Lenel NVR, the cameras do not come online and a "Driver Error in Panel Download" alarm occurs when downloading the recorder.


This is a common occurrence whenever reinstalling a Lenel NVR, particularly when using KB 1219 for a clean uninstall. If there were any add-ons installed on the recorder, the uninstall removes them and any cameras relying on these add-ons will no longer have the driver. The problem then occurs because the OnGuard AccessControl database stores these add-ons cameras, so executing a download pushes a camera to the recorder that it cannot handle.

To resolve this issue, obtain the latest add-on from the Lenel Partner Center (requires a login), and follow the instructions in the included readme file to apply to the recorder.

Applies To

OnGuard (all versions)

Additional Information