Unable to modify or add timezones without crashing the Communication Server or taking all LNVRs offline


The customer cannot modify or add timezones without first taking all of the LNVRs offline, or without causing the Communication Server to hang.

In some instances, it will take an extremely long amount of time to update all of the LNVRs when a timezone is modified or changed, that may result in incorrect status in Alarm Monitoring being displayed or System Administration producing a “Remaining items still left to be saved to database” dialog. 


A new ACS.INI value has been added to the [DigitalVideo] section: DisableLNRDownload.

A DisableLNRDownload value of 0 in the ACS.INI indicates that a full download to the LNVR should be done.

A DisableLNRDownload value of 1 indicates that the full download to the LNVR should be bypassed.

If you wish to make this adjustment, please save the change in the acs.ini file for the communication server that the LNVR(s) point to. Then restart the communication server.

Note: A manual download is required for updates to an LNVR if the full downloads have been bypassed.

Applies To

OnGuard 2009 (6.3.249) or later

Additional Information

When full downloads to the LNVR are bypassed, the following warning entry is made in the LNRTranslator.log:
Automatic LNVR downloads are disabled. A manual download is required for updates to an LNVR.

Note: a workaround for this procedure can be achieved by marking all recorders offline prior to making timezone changes. For smaller sites, or sites that are unable to restart the communication server, this may be the more efficient option. Once the changes re complete mark the recorders back online and download them one by one, allowing the first to complete before moving on to the next to ensure communication server does not get overloaded.