No server detected at specified IP/host when logging in to SkyPoint Admin Client


When trying to log in to SkyPoint using the SkyPoint Admin Client, the following error is shown:

No server detected at specified IP/host.


This issue is most commonly found when both an RC-C/NetDVMS recorder and a Base Server are installed on the same workstation, with the recorder having been installed first without changing its port. To correct this issue:
  1. Change the RC-C/NetDVMS NetCentral port to 8080 (or something other than 80), if applicable.
  2. Launch Computer Management.
  3. Find and expand the Service and Applications header.
  4. Select Internet Information Services.
  5. Under the Connection pane, find your computer name and expand its contents. 
  6. Select the Sites folder.
  7. Under the listed sites, find and select Default Web Site.
  8. Under the Manage Web Site header, start the service or, if it is already started, stop the service and then restart it.

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