New badge information not automatically downloaded to HID Edge reader


When a new badge is added in System Administration, the new badge information is not automatically downloaded to an HID Edge reader. The HID Edge reader requires a manual database download.


To resolve the issue, check to see if there are badges in the system with a deactivation date with the year 2037 or later. If there are, modify the year in the deactivation date to be earlier than 2037. Then perform a database download to the HID Edge reader.

If this is successful, all new badges added in System Administration with a deactivation year earlier than 2037 will automatically download to the HID Edge reader.

The root cause for this issue is that HID Edge readers have a Linux limitation on dates, which means a valid date cannot have a year of 2037 or later.

Applies To

OnGuard 2008 Plus (6.1.222)

Additional Information

Note that this issue only occurs in OnGuard 2008 Plus (6.1.222) with no hot fix installed.

This is not an issue in OnGuard 6.1.222 Hot Fix 1 or later, including OnGuard 2009 (6.3.249).