Network connectivity lost after launching video from VideoViewer


When launching video in VideoViewer or Alarm Monitoring, the client workstation loses connection to the network for no reason after launching one or more live video windows.

Closing these windows restores the network connectivity until another video window is opened.

Workstation has an Intel 82567LM-3 network adapter in the machine running firmware or earlier (dated 6/5/2008).


On the client workstation, upgrade the Intel driver version to (dated 7/25/2008) or later. Newer versions of this driver can be downloaded for free from Intel's Web site.
After updating the version of the driver, launching video in OnGuard will not cause the network connectivity to suddenly fail.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

This issue occurred on, and was documented for, Dell OptiPlex 960 video viewing clients with Intel 82567-LM onboard network connections.