MobileBadgeEmailTemplate.html needs to be updated in OnGuard 7.3 to correct links for the mobile apps


The URL/web site links for Blue Diamond Mobile apps do not work in OnGuard 7.3.345 and 7.3.345.54. This is because the MobileBadgeEmailTemplate.html file was not updated correctly with the BlueDiamond Mobile Apps when OnGuard 7.3.345 was released, and it could not be corrected in OnGuard 7.3 Update 1.


  1. Log onto the OnGuard Server with administrative rights.
  2. Download the attached zip file on the OnGuard Server.
  3. Go to the directory “C:\ProgramData\Lnl\Credentialing\”.
  4. Check the file permissions on the file MobileBadgeEmailTemplate.html.
  5. Rename MobileBadgeEmailTemplate.html to MobileBadgeEmailTemplate_backup.html.
  6. Unzip into the folder.
  7. Verify the permissions of the file MobileBadgeEmailTemplate.html and ensure it is same as before.

After modifying the file, when the mobile credentials are issued and the user receives the email, the links for the Blue Diamond Mobile app will work. 

Applies To


 OnGuard 7.3.345
OnGuard 7.3.345.54

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