License server becomes unresponsive after running some time


 License server becomes unresponsive after running for some time. 


A handle leak in the service will eventually consume all memory in the system until the system becomes unresponsive.

To correct the issue: 

  1. Stop the License Server service.
  2. Backup the LicenseServer.jar and LicenseServer_LocalePack_en-US.jar files located in the OnGuard installation directory.
  3. Download patched files from this location:
  4. Copy the downloaded LicenseSertver.jar and LicenseServer_LocalePack_en-US.jar files to the OnGuard installation folder.
  5. Start the License Server service.

Applies To

 OnGuard 7.6.382.0 

Additional Information

Issue resolved in most recent update for 7.6

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