How to synchronize the OnGuard database password using the Login Driver

How to synchronize the OnGuard password using the Login Driver

Procedure Steps

To synchronize the Lenel database login password, complete the following steps:  

1) Open Services and stop the LS Login Driver service.

2) Run the Login Driver as an Administrator. It is located in Start > Programs > OnGuard > Login Driver.
Note: It may take a few moments for the LS Login Driver service to stop. Once the Login Driver has been started as an application, an icon will appear in the notification area of your windows taskbars near the clock in the bottom-right corner.

3) Double-click the Login Driver icon to open the application window.

4) From the Edit menu, select Change Password.

5) Select Data Source name of Lenel then click OK.

6) Enter Lenel's Password then click OK
Note: A message should pop up indicating that the login password does not match the database.

7) In the Change Password window, type the Lenel database login password into all three fields and click [OK].

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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