Troubleshooting ODBC errors and Login Driver location error when launching applications


The normal error shown is “Please select the Login Driver location” when logging into System Administration. If you are configuring ODBC, then other errors are shown depending on what is misconfigured.


On the server

  1. Verify that the ODBC connection is correct. Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64>odbcad32.exe.
  2. Select System DSN and verify there is a Lenel connection. Verify that it is 32-bit. For OnGuard 7.3 and later, it should be the ODBC Driver 13 for SQL.
    If ODBC is missing, you must create it.  The KB article for this is “How to configure ODBC DSNs in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows”.
  3. Select Configure.
  4. Verify that the SQL server shown on the bottom of the form is correct.
  5. Click Next and make sure With SQL server authentication is selected.
  6. Enter the Login ID= Lenel and password = Secur1ty# (this is the default). You can open Notepad and copy/past to be certain the correct password is entered.
  7. Click Next and verify that the AccessControl DB is listed at the top.
  8. Click Next and verify that Use strong encryption for data is NOT selected. This will cause a cert error.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Test the Data source. If it fails, log into SQL with the Lenel user using SLQ authentication.
    1. If the login fails for any reason, log in as Windows user and right-click on the server name. 
    2. Select properties > Security and verify that SQL and Windows Authentication is selected.
  11. If ODBC fails, note the error shown. You might need to verify the SQL Server settings and that TCP/IP is configured correctly.
  12. Go in to SQL Server Configuration Manager. 
    1. Select the network protocols and the Instance (MSSQLSERVER) and verify that Named Pipes and TCP/IP are enabled. 
    2. Once enabled, right-click on TCP/IP and view the properties. 
    3. Confirm that TCP port is set to 1433 for all the options. 
    4. Restart the SQL Service.
  13. If ODBC passes after configuring the above, but you still get the Login Driver error:
    1. Verify that ACS.ini has the correct ODBC name (DSN name).
    2. Synchronize the Login Driver.  The KB article for this is “How to synchronize the OnGuard database password using the Login Driver”.

On the client workstations

  1. Verify ODBC and ACS.ini with the same steps as above.
  2. If the server and other clients are working, you do not need to synchronize the Login Driver.
  3. Confirm that you can ping the simple name of the SQL server.
    If you cannot ping, you must add the SQL server to the Hosts file.
    If you can ping, telnet for port 1433 and see if the port is open.

There is a situation where you might have multiple instances running.

If this is the case, in ODBC you must do servername\instance name in the SQL server spot.

For example, AI198777\MSSQLSERVER

For this to work, you must enable the SQL Browser so the client machine will connect.

Applies To

OnGuard all versions

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