How to setup ODBC Logging

There are some cases where configuring ODBC logging might provide additional information to troubleshoot application connections that use ODBC.

  • Procedure Steps

    1. Open 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator (C:\Windows\Syswow64\odbcad32.exe).
    2. In the tracing tab, note the log file path.
    3. Click [Start Tracing Now].
    4. Start the application or service that uses ODBC to begin the trace. If the application or service is already running, the connections will not be traced until the application is stopped and then restarted.
    5. Click [Stop Tracing Now].
    6. A file is generated at the Log File Path location containing information the driver sent while the trace was running. This information might be useful in determining the state of services and applications that rely on ODBC data source connections.

  • Applies To

    ODBC data source applications
  • Additional Information