How to program an LNL-CK with firmware 1.63.0

How to program an LNL-CK with firmware 1.63.0

Procedure Steps

Changes were made to the LNL-CK firmware that change the on-screen configuration for the keypad itself. You can access the configuration section by pressing the two outer keys during power up.
In firmware 1.50, you needed to configure the following settings when performing the initial configuration:
  1. COMM
  2. Baudrate
  3. Comm Address
  4. Back Light
  5. LED
With firmware 1.63, some options have changed. Besides this initial configuration, there are no other settings to change to get an LNL-CK with firmware 1.63 to function.
Here are the settings when going through the initial configuration on 1.63:
  1. COMM
  2. Protocol
  3. Baudrate
  4. Comm Address
  5. Back Light
  6. LED
Under the Protocol section, you have the following options:
  1. MSP1
  2. OSDP (currently not supported)
You should use the MSP1 option if connecting the LNL-CK to an:
  • RS-485 Downstream Connection
  • LNL-1300 Reader Port
  • LNL-1320 Reader Port
  • LNL-2210 Reader Port
  • LNL-2220 Reader Port
You should use the OSDP option only if you are connecting the LNL-CK using the OSDP protocol.
Note: OnGuard does not support the OSDP protocol at this time. This protocol is being considered for OnGuard 7.0.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)  

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