How to enable macros and command strings on LNL-CK

How to enable macros and command strings on the LNL-CK and OSDP LCD devices

Procedure Steps

To utilize the display string and designate the macros for command keypads:

1) Make sure the controller (to which the LNL-CK is connected) has the correct firmware to use encryption. The functionality for macros and string display currently requires the AES firmware version (but encryption does not have to be enabled to use these features).

2) To download encrypted (AES) firmware, clear the Always download plain firmware check box in System Administration (Access Control > Access Panels > Diagnostics sub-tab).

Note: The flash chip size must be 256 KB or higher.

3) Select "Advanced Permission Control" for the Intrusion command configuration setting in System Administration (Administration > System Options > User Commands tab). For segmented systems, configure this in Administration > Segments > Segments tab > User Commands sub-tab.

4) If desired, define macro(s) in Access Control > Command Keypad Templates > Macros tab.

5) Create a command keypad template and define strings to display in Access Control > Command Keypad Templates > Command Keypad Templates tab > Display Strings sub-tab. Be sure to select the Display strings check box.

6) Assign the template to the keypad in Access Control > Readers > Reader tab. Select the Allow User Commands check box.

Applies To

OnGuard (All Versions)

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