How do I configure an NGP for global anti-passback?


How do I configure an NGP panel for global anti-passback?


On NGP, global anti-passback (APB) mode is called Host Decision.

Enable Host Decision mode from the NGP LCD keypad:

  1. Using the keypad, log into the panel as a service user.
  2. Select the Settings menu.
  3. Select the Reader group, “R”.

For this group, #### is the door number between 001 to 130.  For each reader requiring the use of Host Decision mode (1 = the entrance reader, 5 = the egress reader), the following settings must be enabled:

  • Host Decision On Grant (Config -> R###:1, 5      the second checkbox)
    The second checkbox on the second screen controls the host decision mode. The default value is unchecked, meaning, access decisions are made locally.
  • Host Decision Timeout (Config -> R###:1, 5      the third 3-digit value)
    The third 3-digit value controls the host decision timeout. The default value is 15 seconds. If a value of less than 5 seconds is programmed, the minimum timeout value of 5 seconds is used.
  • Host Decision Offline/Timeout Mode (Config -> R###:1, 5      the last digit)
    If = 0, then when NGP does not receive a response from OnGuard, it will always deny access.
    If = 1, then NGP will make a local decision based on what it knows about the badge (not just grant).

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