HID iCLASS OSDP reader only works when wired as non-OSDP (Wiegand)


Your HID iCLASS OSDP reader may not function properly when used in OSDP mode. The reader will function properly when wired as a non-OSDP (Wiegand) reader.


1) Ensure the reader is a supported HID iCLASS OSDP reader. For verification, contact Lenel Inside Sales.

2) If the reader has an LCD display then power cycle the reader. When it initializes there will be three rows of numbers on the LCD. If the reader does not have an LCD then carefully remove the tape from the back of the reader and remove the firmware chip. The chip will have three rows of numbers printed on it.

3) If the third row reads 6300-513-nn (where nn is a number 14 or greater), a configuration card can be supplied that will enable OSDP capability.

4) If the third row reads anything else, the reader must be replaced due to a firmware revision that does not support OSDP capability.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

If the reader was purchased from LenelS2, contact the LenelS2 RMA at rma.lenels2@carrier.com  for details on how to replace the reader.