How to resolve ''Hardware key not found'' error

How to resolve the "Hardware key not found" error in License Administration

Procedure Steps

The following provides instructions to resolve a dongle that is not recognized by OnGuard. This issue may be indicated if you receive the error "Hardware key not found" when viewing your license in License Administration.

Contact Lenel Technical Support if this does not resolve your issue.

1) Obtain the latest Sentinel driver from the following address:

2) Obtain the SSD Cleanup utility from the following address: 64 bit version

3) Start Device Manager. Click the Start button, then select Control Panel > System.

4) In the System Properties window, select the Hardware tab, then click [Device Manager].

5) In the Device Manager window, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers, then select Safenet.

6) Right-click on Safenet, then select Uninstall. Click [OK] to confirm the uninstallation of the device from the computer.

7) Remove the dongle from the USB port of the computer.

8) Click the Start button, and then select Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

9) Select the Sentinel program, then click [Remove] and follow the prompts to uninstall the existing Sentinel driver from the computer.

10) Restart the computer.

11) After the computer restarts, search the C:\Windows\Prefetch folder for files with a file name beginning with SENTINEL. If any of these files are found, delete the files.

12) Restart the computer.

13) After the computer restarts, run the SSD Cleanup utility downloaded in step 2, then follow the prompts to run the utility. The utility will completely uninstall the Sentinel driver from the computer.

14) Restart the computer.

15) After the computer restarts, run the Sentinel driver installer downloaded in step 1, then follow the prompts to install the new Sentinel driver.

16) Restart the computer.

17) After the computer restarts, insert the dongle into a different USB port not previously used by the dongle.

18) Start License Administration and log into it.

19) Delete any existing license files that are installed in License Administration.

20) Select Install New License... Browse to the correct license file for the site in Step 1 of 3, then click [Next].

21) In Step 2 of 3, you may see the message "Hardware key not found". This is normal at this point in the process. Click [Next].

22) In Step 3 of 3, agree to the terms of the license by selecting Yes and clicking [Finish].

23) Log out of License Administration.

24) Click the Start button, then select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

25) In the Services window, restart the LS License Server service.

26) Start License Administration and log into it.

27) Select your current license, then click [View]. The error "Hardware key not found" should not display.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

If the dongle is working during normal operation, but occasionally, the "Hardware key not found" error displays in License Administration, or occasionally, license-related errors display while using any OnGuard application, the computer is likely shutting down the USB port to save power, and the dongle cannot be recognized while in the power-saving mode.

Refer to Knowledge Base article  "How to disable the power saver feature for USB devices", to resolve this issue.