''Device Type Mismatch'' error on reader connected to LNL-1320 with firmware revision 1.36 and higher


After upgrading the firmware on an LNL-1320 to revision 1.36 and higher, you may find a reader connected to the LNL-1320 appears online in the System Status Tree in Alarm Monitoring, but with a status of "Device Type Mismatch".

In this state, the reader will not process any commands.


Firmware revision 1.36 and higher for the LNL-1320 introduced new functionality that will be supported in a future OnGuard release.

Prior to firmware revision 1.36, DIP switch 8 could be set to ON or OFF without issue. However, with firmware revision 1.36 and higher, DIP switch 8 on the LNL-1320 controls the functionality for encrypted downstream communication.

To resolve the "Device Type Mismatch" issue, ensure that DIP switch 8 on the LNL-1320 is set to OFF. You may need to cycle power to the LNL-1320 to reinitialize the device and clear the status in Alarm Monitoring.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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