Cannot upgrade LNL-2220 firmware to version 1.046


You may be unable to upgrade the firmware for an LNL-2220 to version 1.046 from any previous firmware revision. The normal steps taken to download firmware appear to work successfully, but the firmware revision does not change in Alarm Monitoring.

This issue may occur even though the appropriate updated firmware files (lnl2220.bin) have been copied to the C:\Program Files\OnGuard folder.


Lenel has released version 1.054 of the LNL-2220 firmware that supersedes version 1.046. We strongly recommend applying version 1.054 to any LNL-2220 panels in your system.

To upgrade the firmware for the LNL-2220 to version 1.054, the appropriate version of both of the following files need to be copied to the C:\Program Files\OnGuard folder:


Applies To

OnGuard 2008 Plus (6.1.222)

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