Badge layouts no longer present on one or more Regional Server Nodes


Badge layouts are no longer present on one or more Regional Server Nodes after the Replicator application is executed from a Master Server Node to a Regional Server Node. This occurs if the Download system records check box was selected in Replicator for a replication session.


This issue is caused by an error during a scheduled replication session that includes a download of system records. Since badge layouts are system records, the cause of the replication error must be determined and resolved to allow system records to be applied at the Regional Server Node.

To determine the cause of the error:
1) Stop the LS Replicator service on the Regional Server Node with the missing badge layouts.

2) Start Replicator as an application directly on the Regional Server Node. Be sure to use the OnGuard SA login to authenticate with Replicator.

Perform a System Record Download only; all other replication options should be deselected. 

4) Any errors encountered will be written in dialog boxes within the Replication application and/or logged to the \Program Files\OnGuard\logs directory.

5) Examine the dialog boxes and/or log files to determine the source of the error(s).

6) Resolve the errors.

7) Using Replicator, perform a System Record Download from the Master Server Node to the Regional Server Node. This process should now be successful; the system records will be applied to the Regional Server Node and the lost badge layouts will be restored to the Regional Server Node. 

8) If it has not been restarted as a part of the issue resolution, remember to restart the LS Replicator service when the issue has been resolved. 

Verify a System Record Download completes successfully as a scheduled action.

Applies To

OnGuard Enterprise (All versions)
SQL Server (All versions)

Additional Information

This issue was reportedly caused by the following steps.

1) A replication session from the Regional Server Node to the Master Server Node was performed.

2) A badge layout was deleted from the Regional Server Node.

3) The badge layout was recreated and given the same name as the previously deleted badge layout.

4) A replication session from the Master Server Node to the Regional Server Node was performed.