Problem with DST change for ILS locks


DST change on November 7, 2010 causes ILS locks to get stuck in a time loop between 1 am and 2 am.


The following procedures need to be applied to each ILS site in order to minimize impact from the issues related to DST change: 1. Set the clock on each lock using one of the options below:  For ILS Wireless and Offline ILS locks, one can connect to each lock with a PDA (mobile configurator) and set the clock. Make sure the PDA time is correct.  For ILS Wireless Locks, one can issue a Download Database command on each ILS Wireless Panel (WAP) from Alarm Monitoring. After Database is downloaded, the lock will request correct time from OnGuard. 2. If events from ILS locks that happened between November 7, 2010 and Today are critical to the site, audit trail from each ILS lock needs to be preserved USING the PDA as follows: a) Connect PDA to a lock b) From PDA: Execute Audits->Read Audits command c) Repeat steps a) and b) for every lock in the system d) From PDA : Execute Audits->Upload Lock Audits command e) From PDA: Go to File Explorer ->My Documents and find LockAudits.txt file. Rename that file to SavedAudits.txt f) Connect PDA to a computer and copy SavedAudits.txt file from PDA to any desired location Once the audit trail file is preserved it can potentially be processed and then re-imported with correct event times.

Applies To

OnGuard 2010 (6.4.500); OnGuard 2010 Technology Update (6.4.500 TU) 

Additional Information

The workaround steps specified are not required in OnGuard 6.4.500 Hot Fix 2.0 and later.