''Invalid Logon'' when installing new license file in License Administration on Windows 7


After successfully logging into License Administration on a computer running Windows 7, choosing a license file to install and then clicking [Next] to view the details of the license might cause this error message:

"Invalid Logon

The username/password combination you entered is invalid. Please try logging in again. Remember that the username and password are both case-sensitive -- please make sure that you do not accidentally have Caps Lock turned on."


To resolve this issue, log out of License Administration, and then enter the following address into Internet Explorer's address bar:


This replaces the default address of http://<servername>:9999, where <servername> is the hostname of the computer running Windows 7 and the LS License Server service.

Next, log into License Administration, choose a license file to install, and then click [Next] to view the details of the license. At this point, the "Invalid Logon" error message should not appear.

Applies To

OnGuard 2010 (6.4.500) or later
Windows 7

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