How to restore a database backup to SQL Server

How to restore a database backup to SQL Server 

Procedure Steps

1) Install OnGuard, SQL Express, and Microsoft SQL Server  Management Studio. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Express can  be downloaded from Microsoft at:

Do not run Database Setup yet, if the version of the database backup is earlier than the new version of OnGuard.

2) Before running Database Setup (if needed), start SQL Server Management Studio.

3) In the Object Explorer expand Database and right-click on the AccessControl database and navigate to Tasks > Restore > Database.

4) Select the From device radio button and click the browser [...] button.

5) In the Specify Backup window, click [Add] and browse for the backup media (file with .bak extension).

6) Once the file has been added, click [OK].

7) Select the backup sets to restore in the listing window at the bottom of the screen.

8) Click Options in the top left of the window.

9) Select Overwrite the existing database and Leave the database ready to use by rolling back uncommitted transactions.

10) Click [OK]. This will restore the old database into the new SQL Express installation.

11) Execute the following statement against the AccessControl database:
sp_changedbowner lenel

11) Run Database Setup (if needed) to upgrade the database to the new version of OnGuard.

Applies To

OnGuard(All versions)
SQL Server (All versions)

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