How to access OnGuard documentation

How to access OnGuard documentation

Procedure Steps

The OnGuard documentation can be viewed as either user guides formatted for print (PDF) or online help.


To access the PDF files with OnGuard installed:

1) Click Start, then All Programs > OnGuard version> > Documentation

2) Click any of the PDFs to open the corresponding help.


To access the online help:

1) Log into the OnGuard application you wish to view help for.

2) On any screen in the application press . Help for that particular screen opens.


To access the PDF files on the OnGuard installation disc:

1) Navigate to program files\OnGuard\doc.

2) You will see a list of PDF files. Double-click a PDF to open it.  

To download the PDF files from the Web:
1) Log into http:\\

2) Click on Downloads

3) Select OnGuard and the version of you wish to view the guides from

4) Change the type of download to User Guides

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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