How does the HID iCLASS/Iris ID solution work with OnGuard?


Does the HID iCLASS/Iris ID solution work with OnGuard? 


Yes, as long as everything is set up correctly:

  1. Card is presented to iCAM/Reader.
  2. Wiegand Data is read from the HID AC application and buffered at the ICU.
  3. Iris data is read from the Iris ID application encoded on the card.
  4. Person is asked to approach the camera.
  5. Picture is taken of the eyes.
  6. ICU unit performs a comparison of the iris template taken from the card and the current iris presented to the camera.
  7. If Pass then inform the person at the camera he has been verified, and then the ICU passes the buffered Wiegand data out of the WIB board to the connected RIM. OnGuard then makes a decision if the door opens or not.
    If Fail, inform the person that verification has failed. Wiegand data is never sent to the OnGuard system.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

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