Error in OnGuard applications: ''Exception occurred while updating the software event generation system''


You may encounter the following error message while running the OnGuard application:

Exception occurred while updating the software event generation system.
Unexpected application error! Internal Error Code [6089800007].:
An expression of non-boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected, near ','.
Incorrect syntax near ','.
Incorrect syntax near ','.

Note: The error code and the incorrect syntax character may vary.


This error common occurs in situations where a custom trigger exists with the potential to generate a software event of 4000 characters or more, and the OnGuard system option to Generate software events is enabled.

An example of this is when you are using FormsDesigner and attempting to add fields. If the error referenced in this article is displayed, it most likely indicates the trigger used to modify the form created a software event that was 4000 or more characters in length. All entries in FormsDesigner edit the UDFEMP table and, the more customized the forms are, the more columns will be in the table and the longer the software event generated by the trigger. The name of each customized column is also handled by the trigger so the length of column names can affect the length of the event greatly.

To prevent the error in the future, complete the following steps in System Administration:
1) From the Administration menu, select System Options.
2) Click the General tab.
3) Deselect the Generate software events check box.

The software events will no longer generate, and this error will no longer occur.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

When enabled in System Administration, software events are generated whenever changes are made to particular tables in the database. This includes changes made by all OnGuard applications, and even changes made by directly editing data in the database.

These software events are then used by DataConduIT. If you do not have a requirement to use DataConduIT, then it is safe to apply this solution. If you do need to use DataConduIT, then contact Lenel Technical Support for further assistance.