Digital Video - Intermittent Com Loss


A site is experiencing intermittent camera or recorder communication loss without a known explanation (for example, configuration problem, obvious network problem, and so on).


Variables that can be modified are the link speed and duplex setting of the NIC card on the recorder and the network switch's interface port. In most installations, these values are set to Auto-Negotiation. In some instances, setting this value to its maximum speed at full duplex actually resolved communication loss issues. Although this may or may not help, it is an easy modification to try.

Applies To

Hybrid Recorder
LDVR (All versions)
LDVR 7.11
LDVR 7.21
Lenel IP Cameras
LNVR (All versions)
LNVR 6.3.249
OnGuard 2009 (6.3.249) 

Additional Information