Adding a Bar code Card Format to OnGuard

Adding a Bar code Card Format to OnGuard

Procedure Steps

This procedure begins in Badge Designer.  In the badge layout, find the barcode for Access Control, right-click on it, and select Properties

Find the property labeled Text and make a note of the Default Value.  It will look like this:
This example is tied to Badge ID in the database, has a length of 9 characters, and is using the default ASCII code value of 48 (this number rarely changes).  Make note of that information.

Go into OnGuard  >  System Administration  > Card Formats.  Add a Magnetic Card Format.  On the Card Format Tab, make sure there is no Facility Code or Badge Offset number, and that Access Control Track is set to 2.  The only other option that is needed is the Field Order and Offset, which should be set to “Determined by Custom Fields”.  

Go to the Custom Encoding tab.  Track 2 should be highlighted.  Select the Database Field dropdown, and select Badge ID.  The Formatting field will populate.  If it is NOT exactly like what was seen in Badge Designer, click the Edit… button and make the changes needed.  It should only be the Fixed Length optionànumber of characters that should be modified.  The Pad on Left is correct.
Save all changes.

Finally, you will go to the reader if it is already added, and make sure the Output is set to “Mag with Wiegand Output”.  Make sure there is a check box on the format created for this reader, and save.  Scan a barcode to verify a valid Access Granted occurs.

Applies To

OnGuard (all versions)

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