OnGuard services and their purpose

Product Name OnGuard services and their purpose

General Information

Records video from CCTV devices.

Retrieves recorded video requested by client.

Streams video to RTP clients.

This service is used to view and search recorded video on any system where video viewing is handled. The service must be running on each client that needs to search recorded video.

LS Application Server:
This service is used to facilitate communication between OnGuard web services and the database.

LS Communication Server:
This service is used to allow the hardware in the system to communicate with the database and the client stations.

LS Config Download Service:
This service is used by the web Area Access Manager to send access level updates to the Communication Server. The changes will go to the database without this service but will only go down to the panels automatically if this service is running.

LS Cumulus Connector Service:
This service enables the integration of OnGuard with the Cumulus platform.

LS DataConduIT Message Queue Server:
This service is used to handle messages from message queues that must be processed through DataConduIT. The service will convert the message format from the main queue into a format that can be understood by DataConduIT.

LS DataConduIT Service:
This service provides a WMI-based interface that can access OnGuard database and hardware status information. The service can also allow for interaction with the main system on a real-time basis.

LS DataExchange Server:
This service provides an interface for modifying or accessing database information for cardholder related items.

LS Device Discovery Service:
This service is used by the Device Discovery Console to identify and obtain information about hardware on the network.

LS Event Context Provider:
The Communication Server publishes events that are picked up by the Event Context Provider service, which provides additional event details.

LS Global Output Server:
This service is used to send emails and pages from the OnGuard system.

LS ID Allocation:
This service is used to allocate IDs for various items within OnGuard. The service is only used in an Enterprise system that is running OnGuard 6.0.148 or higher. The service can only be run on the highest-level parent node.

LS PTZ Tour Server:
This service is used to execute PTZ tours specified within the OnGuard system.

LS Replicator:
This service is used to replicate data between databases within an OnGuard Enterprise system. The service can only be run on child nodes.

LS Linkage Server:
This service is used to allow services to interact with each other. The service also handles the automation of items that are scheduled or handled through Global Input/Output actions.

LS Login Driver:
This services handles login requests for most applications and services within OnGuard.

LS License Server:
This service is used to validate the license file loaded into the system and to control requests for application use and feature availability.

LS Message Broker:
Provides message delivery and queuing services.

LS Mon Manager Service:
Security tool that augments existing security tools such as antivirus, malware defense, and endpoint protection software. Targets tools used for process memory inspection, and attempts to detect and terminate their processes before they can extract data such as the protected system state and credentials.

LS OpenAccess Service:
A platform for integrating with IT systems, providing access to ID management data, logged events, and hardware configuration information. Allows the creation of a client against a REST API to OnGuard through NGINX as the web service that abstracts the AMQP language.

LS PTZ Tour Server:
PTZ tour server.

LS Reporting Service:
Service for OnGuard Reporting and Dashboards reporting engine.

LS Site Publication Server:
This service is used to distribute and synchronize incremental credential data across all systems in an Enterprise or Distributed ID configuration.

LS Video Archive Server:
This service is used to archive or purge video from video recorders.

LS Web Event Bridge:
Allows event subscribers to receive events using WebSocket.

LS Web Service:
The service hosting NGINX.

Applies To

OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information

For more details about each service, refer to "OnGuard Services" in the Advanced Installation Topics Guide.