LNL-4420 Controller Firmware Upgrades

Product Name

LNL-4420 - upgrading firmware to the latest version. 

General Information

If the current firmware is below 1.208, then a two-stage upgrade process must be done.  Upgrade the panel to version 1.208, then upgrade to version 1.243 (current as of this document).
Version 1.209 and above use an encrypted firmware version and file system.  Version 1.208 allows uploading of the newer encrypted firmware.  Prior versions will fail.

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Additional Information

Various firmware versions can be downloaded from the below links:
Version 1.208           https://file.ac/rYAEjz6yhaI/
Version 1.241           https://file.ac/7sXAp_6e9HU/
Version 1.243           https://file.ac/8XNDG7-xVDM/