How to find information about LenelS2 Products?

How to find information about LenelS2 Products

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While the Knowledge Base is a great tool for finding solutions and processes not found anywhere else, it is important to know where this information can be found as in many cases this information is spread out over different formats. To help you find the information that you are looking for we have created this guide to make your searches more effective. Please note that on many of the below links can be found within the links at the top of Main Page to access them.
*Please note that anything found under Support>Downloads section of requires a login to access. 
• Included in all installs of OnGuard is all of our documentation which you can search by going to Start> All Programs> OnGuard> Documentation> Search All User Guides.
• Also located in the Support> Downloads section of, the link at the top of the knowledge base (called “User Guides”) will also redirect to the latest versions’ documentation
Compatibility charts 
• The most recent compatibility charts can be found in the Knowledge Base, either by searching for the term “compatibility” or by clicking on the “Lenel Compatibility Charts” folder located on the left hand side.
• These charts are also located in the Support> Downloads section of, the link at the top of the knowledge base will also redirect you to the latest versions’ compatibility charts.
• For camera capability with Lenel NVR, go to Support >Downloads> Lenel NVR, and then find the blue compatibility tab, you will find the charts there
Product Memos
• All Product Memos can be found on, the link at the top of this page will redirect you to all of our product memos.
Release notes 
• Can be found on under the specific OnGuard versions in the Support > Downloads Page, but are also included in the install package of individual releases. Specification Documents and Firmware
• These are located on on the Support > Downloads section, the “Lenel Hardware” link is located on the left hand side
• OAAP information including the Partner Center Matrix and full list of Recorder Integration Capabilities by going to and clicking on Partners > Lenel OAAP.
• For more information on specific integration procedures, certified Lenel technicians may call in to the technical support lines to obtain additional OAAP documentation.

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